Carroll's 55th Street


Playing 11-5-77 tribute is a way to give Kevin classic songs

At the end of last week Kevin asked for a standard set list nothing new to learn, no practice just good ol' Grateful Dead songs. ?Just out of nowhere I decided let's play the 11-5-1977 show as a way to appease Kevin. ?It makes sense since 1977 equated to good old standard material. ?Amazingly enough, it contained the 4 songs we worked on last week, Jack Straw, Dire Wolf, Looks Like Rain and Sugar Magnolia. ?A pretty amazing coincidence when you come to think about it. ?I didn't try to do that but it just turned out that way. It gave us some good reinforcement practice on those ?songs. ?In addition, we worked on Samson quite a bit which taught us the proper groove on that song which have have been hacking away at for the past 19 years.??All these new improvements to existing material have to compete with years of ingrained misplaying of songs but it all makes it better.? In addition, when you play it correctly, it is easier.? I found that true with the Samson last night. [caption id="attachment_582" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Scott is thinking about something"]Scott is thinking about something[/caption] This was historic for Deadstein, we played the entire setlist from the 11-5-1977 show in the spirit of the show itself. ?The Minglewood opener was to the period. ?I didn't play any slide all night and Jasonbrought the Travis Beam.?? Scott survived the big, never-ending?second set Estimated --> He's Gone --> Drums --> Other One?--> Peter --> Sugar Mag combo without getting up. ?Pretty enduric of him. ?Speakng of Scott, Scott Bayer was our only guest and was only there for the pre-show mischagaus. ?He seemed impressed with our level of intelligence and provockative discussions in the early hours of the jam compared to what it descends to later on.? In addition, we got to Carroll by cell phone during the encore for the show the One More Saturday Night, ?Lots of great jamming. ?It's easier when it familiar. [caption id="attachment_583" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="No, but thanks for asking."]No, but thanks for asking.[/caption]