Jason joins us away from home at Ultrasound

We haven?t played away from our home at Carroll?s in a long time, but they were booked and we weren?t the early bird so we end up in UltraSound. It will be different for sure with amps on the wall, none of them what we use. The room will be tiny forcing us into the staircase just to get a breather. I?m sure the room will be dry and the PA, even drier. In addition, we will be starting at 8:30 a half hour later than usual. It will make us realize how fortunate we are to play at Carroll?s but it will also make us realize how lucky we are that we strive to play week in and week out and a booked Carroll?s won?t stop us. We are expecting Jason on guitar, Rich, Kevin, Scott and I. A bunch of Grateful Dead and a bunch of new music produced. Tough to have more fun than that. Analog style. In the world, the market has tanked every day since the election and the economy?s house of cards is tumbling down. Nevertheless, the Giants continue to look unstoppable. Even the Jets do. We are experiencing some major upside-down earth cake so you better try to hold onto whatever terra-forma you have.