Depressing when we have an away game, or jam, and this week was such a week.

It's always a bit depressing when we have an away game, or jam, and this week was such a week. ?Carroll's was either booked or wanted us far away this week so we found Studio 6E of Ultrasound and it's stairwell as our home for the evening. For the record in case any of us has look up where this place is, it is on 30th street between 7th and 8th. ?It think it was #251. ?Lots of music stores in this vicinity. ?Rich was directionally challenged for the night and had trouble finding the place and I was unsure when walking down the street. I met Scott in the hallway outside the elevator waiting, there is nothing fun about that. ?They attendant eventually let us into Studio E and it turned out to be pretty nice. ?It was roomy and the equipment was pretty good, but amps being bolted to the wall definitly put an damper on the whole thing but every worked out in the end. ?The PA was flat and solid. ?There weren't enough music stands so Rich had to do without and and I had to do with out a boom-stand for my mic. ?No big deal. ?I started off playing a Matchless amp, switched to the Bogner for the second set which I liked much better, but it eventually started crackling and I had to abandon it. ?Too bad, because it sounded pretty good. img_2968_edited-1We had a rough start of the night with a G jam into Bertha. ?We needed a song to get comfortable in the environment and I probably will appreciate the fact that Rich didn't get his recorder setup until after the Bertha opener. ?Rich would occassionally hit a key on his keyboard and a whole drum and bass section would begin playing through the PA. ?That was freaky when it happened. ? Being in a 4-man configuration led us to play lots of Garband which is fun. ?We did I'll Take a Melody, Mississippi Moon, Rhapsody, Sitting Here in Limbo, One Kind Favor, Waiting for a Miracle, Gomorrah and probably a few more. ?The music was quiet and relaxed and not as much of a scary experience and being away from Carroll's in a cheap renal studio usually is. ?We did some fun country-esque type of stuff like the Rosalie McFall and the Race Is On. ?The Come Together was OK. Well it is off to Albany to see the Dead and hopefully get out of my house in time to do a little Podiating before the the show on this brilliant day in April. ?Till next Monday night. img_2965_edited-1img_2974img_2971_edited-1img_2972