Carroll's 55th Street


Why should bad music bother us?

After a week off, Deadstein assembled again on this Wednesday night.? The weather has been hot outside for an early April jam and we were all in our summer digs.? We were a little rusty as was Carroll?s equipment, but we al did the best with the hand we were dealt and made some good music. I could have as truthfully said we made some bad music, but there was of course way more good than bad.? Alan had amp problems, Rich had piano microphone issues and the PA was Jerry-rigged to get both channels working.? Did we let it bother us, nah, it?s Deadstein, and that the most important thing to be working and we did.? I had a great Super Reverb, so who was I to complain. Stranger was the opener and it was pretty good.? I think it was pretty impressive for our first song after being off for a week.? I know I hardly practiced in the past 14 day.? We played the mellow Peggy-O thereafter which Alan showed us the ending line which is?A?C#m?F#M?C#m-D---A.? The Queen Jane was also good so I don?t know why I?m thinking so negatively.? As should be expected we peaked early and staggered through the 12 o?clock finishline.? Actually, I think I played drums for the last song Box of Rain while Scott sang it.? That gave me lots of energy to take with me on the way home. Scott Bayer was our only guest of the night.? I recall him Bongoing away during the Woman are Smarter and a few more songs thereafter.?? I pulled a Jack Straw out of my ass when everyone thought I was going into Looks Like Rain, it took a little while to wipe that one clean but once it was, it was ok.? The Other One we played was probably the best one we have payed with me on the lead, so that was good.? We made it to the end of the Lost Sailor / Saint of Circumstance and there was nothing good about it but the ending.? When we see and hear the MP3s, I guess I will see the entire setlist so until then there will be.? Freak Out.