Carroll's 55th Street


We embark on our 3rd decade of Deadstein with 5-man jam

For the beginning of our 3rd decade of Deadstein it was good to get back to some modern, 5-man Deadstein jamming. Rumors of guests showing were just rumors and we just barreled through a night of standard Deadstein music. We played some nice older songs that we rarely play including the Doin' That Rag, Mountain of the Moon into Dark Star. We had some nice authentic jams in this segment of music. The late set began with a Help on the Way which concluded where Scott and I fooled everyone and pulled out the old Deadstein classic Help Slip Estimated. It was pretty smooth and the Estimated felt pretty comfortable. We closed the night playing the Casey Jones to celebrate Scott's recent big sale. Great to have the Deadstein "pos" back in motion. Freak-Out! To see a little of it, actually it is just kevin turning up his levels and Rich tinkling, Mr. Ed style. [youtube=] To hear the music played, click the links below: