Carroll's 55th Street


Standard-5 serenade Steele over the phone

We had the 5 of ?jamming again together this week. ?Some news includes Chris, the tech manager who was so cool to us over the years is leaving Carroll's until spring in order to pursue a big band ambition. ?He's forming his own big band to see where it will go. ?We gave him a Deadstein invite to jam with us any time he wanted to and he seemed pretty excited about the prospects of that. ?We will miss him and hope he takes us up on our invitation. ?Alan left?before?the final push to take care of some family business and during that time we did a little?Beatles?thing into the end of the night. ?Scott did really well playing through the end of the night but Kevin had a little trouble. As far as guests, we had Scott Bayer and his?decrepit bongos. ?Rob and Miriam surprised us and showed up and accompanied a guy Neal who they picked up at a bar earlier in the evening. ?He is a wine merchant in Jersey City and seemed to enjoy our groove. ?Another first for Deadstein was playing music for two people over the cellular network , both Carol and Steele. ?That was pretty cool. [youtube=] To hear the music from the night go to the links below: