Carroll's 55th Street


No Rich and no Keys

This week was another tough week to get the entire gang?together?and we could not pull it off. ?With Scott looking at potentially missing three weeks in a row, we moved the jam to Tuesday to suite his schedule. ?On the short end of the stick was Rich who couldn't make it on Tuesday. ?For the first time in quite a while we played without Rich and had no keyboard substitute. ?This had a whole host of implications including an evening without a recording since Rich is the one with the mics and MP3 recorder. ?Additionally, since Rich and I split most of the lead vocal duties these days, it meant I was singing lead on every song. ?Not a great prospect for anyone involved. While this gave me the opportunity to sing songs I never never sing, I also gave me the reminder not to select songs I don't sing. ?The Row Jimmy early in the night was such a slap in the face once I realized I?couldn't?sing, play and read the music all at one time. At least we did have one substitute and guest for the night who was Jeff Blues with his new 2009 Gibson 335. ?He also brought his Strat to switch on and off with but Jeff was just trying to tune in a sound for his new guitar though he still seems more comfortable with his trusty-old Strat. ?Thats rights we had the southern blues thing going on with three guitars but it was still a good time. ?Since we did have recordings it was tough to?remember?what we played by below is the setlist as best I can?remember. Sugaree Row Jimmy Little Red Rooster Positively 4th Street After Midnight Thrill is Gone Pretty Peggy-O Looks Like Rain It's All Over Now Comfortably Numb She Belongs to Me Like a Road Touch of Grey Dear Mr. Fantasy Quinn the Eskimo Next weeks will prove to be a totally opposite experience, so I am guessing, so to keep you all guessing out there on virtual freaky-highway, tune in, same freak-time, same freak-channel.