Carroll's 55th Street


Jeff Blues joins us as we try new songs

It was good to be back as a 5-man band with the addition of Jeff Blues to round out the crowd. ?Before Jeff got there we decided to once again try a revised version of the Beatles Abbey Road medley. ?It was better this?week?than last week and should get better and better the more we play it. It's a good time to play that piece of music. ?Fresh off is Fab Faux experience next door at Terminal-5, Scott was in a Beatles mood and it was good to attempt it early in the night. ? Before we did the medley, we warmed up with Lied and Cheated which was a good warm up choice. ?After we finished the medley with a fully blown The End, Jeff joined us and we hopped into a Feel Like a Stranger to start the silky, silky, crazy night.?We later played She Belongs to Me at Jeff's request which is one his new favorites as he has been exposed to many new songs since playing with us. [youtube=] We played fairly solidly through most of the night. Only during the Morning Dew right at the end of the night did we really begin to fall apart. ?I played bass for a couple of songs (You Win Again and It Takes A Lot to Laugh) while Kevin was attending a phone call. ?We did 5 or 6 Beatles?songs after the Morning Dew in about 15 minutes and their simplicity and requirement to pay attention woke us up to perform these with a little proficiency. ?It was a good was to end the night. Out into the freezing cold we went. To hear what we did,go to the links below: By the way, Scott's been doing ?yeoman's?work capturing concerts and he's got some great stuff from his recent Fab Faux show, check it out below and subscribe to his channel. [youtube=]