Smash Studios R


Smash Studios R again, with no Trister but a MiniT.

Another night in Smash Studios R.  Mini-T was there and we had no guests.  In addition, Andy T was out on business so therefore it was a small room.  We played low as Rich used the Steinway miced with the Neumann. It sounded pretty good in the room and I assume pretty good on the tape.

It was a snowy night and I got there at 5:00 when Rich and MiniT arrived for their pre-jam rehearsal.  Dave joined them later.  The good thing about it was I got completely setup by 6:00, taped the duo and met Kevin at the Tex-Mex Chinese place for some fajitas.  Got the Donuts and we up and jamming by 7:15.  This made for lots of songs and a night that would never end.  We played lots, played well, had the nice piano, Kevin got a new Bass head, I played a Twin with no effects and Dave played a minimal drum set.  Lots of fun.

For reference this was the recording setup. 

  1. Dave Vx
  2. Piano Steinway - Neumann KM-184
  3. MiniT Vocal
  4. Rich Vocal - Second Sey
  5. NA
  6. NA
  7. NA
  8. Kevin Bass - Senn 421
  9. Kick AKG D112
  10. Snare Shure SM57
  11. Drum Overhead Rode NT4 Left
  12. Drum Overhead Rode NT4 RightFloor Tom - AKG Clip On
  13. Floor Tom AKG Clip On
  14. LG Guitar - Twin Shure SM-57

Till next Tuesday again at Smash Studios R again when we have a full MiniT session again.  Hopefully, well get some good takes.