Smash Studios R


Core Deadstein in Smash R for some classic jamming.

Another night in Smash Studios R.    Core Deadstein with no guests, although Sandy feder did peak his head in the door at some point. Terez was also there for pre-jam jamming with Rich but couldn't play with us.  I took the night off from taping so we started and eneded early and played lots of songs.  Almost the whole list.

Trister was very irritated with Smash and all they stand for and all they don't have a stand for but in the end the room sounded good.  Kev got his bass head and Dave played like he was on excessive amounts of caffine especially during the Franklins and Brother Esau.  It was a great Morning Dew, China Cat, Playing, UJB, Playing and I liked the Picasso also.   Cassidy, the first song was rediculously loud.

Till next Tuesday again at Smash Studios R.