Short Hills, NJ


2nd annual Yeager-Stern Party in Short HIlls, NJ

For the second straight year Deadstein is playing a paying gig at a backyard party in Short Hills, NJ. This year's show promised to be much different than last years for a whole host of reasons. Firstly, Trister was able to make this years gig so we had that solid beefy foundation. Secondly, Scott was still on I.R. with the shoulder rehab, so it was Coffee by himself on drums. Marty was back for year 2 and this year we had no singing help. The two female prospects totally blew us off and us and Deadstein and the party was only getting me, Trister and Brotpen to sing.

A big surprise to the night was the appearance of Scott and Lisa Gibson. Unbenounced to anyone he came unannounced and was even there to sing his Box of Rain. Great to see

Also in attendance were my Brother Jay, Sandy Feder, LeeJay, Mitch who video taped us all night with great care and many others.