Carroll's 55th Street


Hiram plays a nice sounding strat but we had no CofeeBoy and Scotty was nursing two bad shoulders.

This was a week Trister was taking off and we got Hiram to play with us for the second time. He had his big Furman effects case loaded as densely as possible with a wide variety of cool effects. Twas a pleasure playing with him.

Coffee had an emergency roast to do so he couldn't play. I said, "Who is he, Alan King?" Scott had to do all the drumming himself and he had two hurtin' arms also. It was just fine though as all the music was good. We ended a bit early but we played lots of good stuff and it was a fulling satisfying evening. Oh' and let us not forget Ken Levine on drums for the first set. What am I talking about saying Scotty drummed alone? Brotpen loved what Ken did on the drums. Spring was in the air, there were no Skittles in the machine but we have next Wednesday to look forward to.