Smash Studios R


We finally got the good takes with MiniT in Smash Studios R, time to forge ahead.

Another night in Smash Studios R with MiniT and Dave was back on drums.  Andy's getting tired of repeating songs and not being spacey enough so variety has got to be the spice of freak to be.  Something to work toward and to strive for.  The music was pretty tight and as Rich hopes, we got some real good takes that would keep the so called masses moving.  I assume the recording will prove this too be.

There was little traffic on this last jam before war so I got in kind of early set up most of the stuff and went downstairs to get a C5 fajita and ate it outside studio R while Rich and MiniT were doing what they do so well.  It was a good meal and a good jam and we got out early enough so I was in the Lincoln Tunnel by 11:00.  A pleasure of an evening all around.   Thanks to everyone for making it happen.

Till next Tuesday