Carroll's 55th Street


Deadstein meets Byrnesteen meets Carpetsteen

After missing a week due to a March snow storm Deadstein was back in Carroll's Studio 2 with a new look and smell.  Trister had some conflicts and couldn't make it so John Carpetsteen came with his beautiful Alembic and filled in for the night.  It was quite a drive from his PA home  and we all appreciate the effort.  That was part of the look, as far as smell goes, you know Terez is in the room when the studio smell of her instead of Coffee-Boy and that's a good thing.

Mini T joined us for the first time in over a year and the music we played with her felt comfortable and easier, more so than our previous engagements.  It was lots of fun and sounded great.  I especially liked the Going Down the Road and the Good Lovin'.  It was nice, she came in after we had a few songs to warm up and and she left where it gave us a good hour and one-half to cool down on which made for a very pleasant evening.

John and I had two good working Twin and Coffee-Boy had the good black kit.  Scott was as fortunate in his kit selection but was nice enough to leave the good one for Coffee.  kev said he hated his amp, place sideways on the Anvil case but I thought it presented some really good solid low notes.  I was also located right next to the piano which had no cover, so I was hearing the piano better than ever and I stood above it.  Good stuff.

It was a very nice night out, not warm but a prelude to the spring that is approaching.  In the world Terry Shiavo is still hanging onto life without a feeding tube force feeding her as the news media hangs on to her very last breaths and a big earthquake hit Sumatra killing hundreds.  Baseball season is just a few weeks away and with that we all have hope that the Mets will be a contended this year, with Pedro Martinez on our squad..  Lets Go Mets.  Finally, in a Deadstein historical note, Dave Schwartz got married last week as Kevy and Poisey both attended the wedding.  Congratulations to Dave and his wife!