Carroll's 55th Street


Scott is on Vacation as the five of us muddle through a night.

The 8-12 jam at Carroll's and Scot was on vacation so it left Coffee-Boy on his own.  Actually his friend Russell was scheduled to play drums with us but cancelled a t the last minute so Coffee was on his own.  We were in the big room at Carroll's because we were displaced out of our small room because the Black Crows were in our normal  rehearsing a Don't Let me Down.  We couldn't really see them because they put paper over the window into the studio but you could hear their muffled cries.

Since we only had one drummer the room was asymmetric compared to usual and everything was a skew.  At first during the Skakedown the openness of the one drummer was nice and liberating.  It felt good.  Unfortunately it seemed to be downhill from there and we never seemed to have any consistent groove or positive feel.  

It seemed a bit depressing coming back for the second set, thinking what can we play that will be okay without being so arduous but the Uncle John's actually gave us a little spirit that carried us through to the end of the night.  We did the Liberty pretty well and realized that even though we still had time for a song or two, it was better to leave on the positive note of the Liberty.

In the world, the NHL finalized the cancellation of the season as baseball started its spring training with lots of steroid talk.  We had a mild day although there was a little snow falling when we left.