Carroll's 55th Street


Standard six play a Kevin setlist at Carroll's.

The 8-12 jam at Carroll's and it is the first jam of the new year. There were no guests in the room and it was the standard six players who played. It was a Kevin set list high in songs given to me to sing, some of them quite lyrical and punishing for those that must endure them. We switched Joey off between Trister, Brotman and I although Rich's eyes were good enough to see the tiny writing in Joey. he therefore abandoned trying to sing it. There was some real good drumming going on. The Thrill is Gone comes to mind as well as the beginning of Samson where Coffee-Boy played good cymbals whiles Scotty did the toms. That sounded really authentic for as long as it lasted. We didn't quite make it through the end of Slipknot! as we stumbles and had to stop before continuing with the Franklins. The Estimated really held its own for the entire thing and the Comfortably Numb and Morning Dew were hot Trister moments to end the night. It was a warm, ultra-foggy night outside.