Carroll's 55th Street


Last jam of the year

This was the final and 46th jam for 2004.  It featured the standard six of us in the arrangement that included Scott and Coffee on drums which was the dominant feature of Deadstein leaving an unsure 2004 and forging ahead in 2005 with a renewed sense of vim and vigor.  We were in the medium sized room at Carroll's during the the holiday week that apparently saw no action at Carroll's between the 12/23/04 jam and this 12/28/04 jam.  This is because all the equipment from last week was exact where and how we left if.  It look as if no one set foot in that studio since we left it.  This meant Trister had the great Twin and I had the great reissue.  We also had the good PA and the room sounded good.  What we didn't have in the studio was heat and it was a cold frigid jam we all survived.

Most of the music seemed pretty good and we rocked and freaked into the cold Midnight Moonlight.