Carroll's 55th Street


A smaller, better, cheaper room at Carroll's serves us well.

The 8-12 jam at Carroll's was a nice rebound from last week.  We played in a room half the size of the rooms we have been playing in. It is much cheaper that the big room and sounded great.  We had the powerful PA with the crown Amp and the Fender Twin Trister had was the great 1963.  My reissue was perfect also.  The curly hair kid set us with Jimmy there to say good-bye.  Lots of good jamming and few bad points.  The sound was good and it was a pleasure to play.  I even played some of the percussion crazy stuff they had lying around.  There were no guests, just the 6 of us on the last night of Hanukkah. 

Everyone seemed to be over their colds and what nots.  Trister was just offered a new job and celebrated by buying a great Jerry guitar from Resurrection Guitars in Fla.  It's being built and should be before us in no time.

In the World the Mets just signed Pedro Martinez for $56 million for four years and the Giants continue to lose and look worse and worse each week in their lack of effort.  Outside it was the coldest day of the year being windy and in the 20s