Smash Studios R


Studio R with a colorful setlist for Tobacco Road gig prep.

The whole band was there in Smash Studios R.  MiniT was there with Mini-Mini-T, her daughter, and  with her firend Laura (Ithink) so that was cool.  They were the only guests for the night.  We tried MiniT with the Senn421 to see if that helped.  It hardly matters, no PA system is going to break through thhe thick soup we generate in such a small room.

This is the first color Kevin setlist in Deadstein history which comes from his practice on the Terez posters he's been working on with Rich and Terez for the big Tobacco Road gig on June 29, 2003.

For knowledge sake, the recording setup was: Internal Drive A "6-3ject #0"

  1. N/A
  2. N/A
  3. Terez (Senn 421)
  4. N/A
  5. N/A
  6. N/A
  7. Trister
  8. Gindoff Guitar  (AKG- C1000S)
  9. N/A
  10. Snare (Shure SM 57)
  11. Overhead Left
  12. Overhead Right
  13. Keys
  14. Bass Mic (Neumann KM-184)
  15. Kick

Kev purchased Fresco Taco for Mitch and I to eat in the studio as we both got in late. Till next Monday