Smash Studios R


Studio R without Andy practicing for the big show, incase anyone asks how to get to Tobacco Road.

Andy wasn't there so I was doing my best at the leads.  The rest of were there as we started backwards with a Dylan dominated Sans-Terez first set.  She arrived and we started our Tobacco Road rehearsal in earnest.  Leadwise, some stuff was rough but we were having fun so it was a good night.  The only guests were Stu (thank you for snapping photos) and Ken Levine and his brother Michael showed up after Stu left.  I didn't tape but Mitch did.  I even got to sing on the last three song with Terez and more fun than that you cannot get.  18 songs and most of them good.  Till next session

Kev and I ate Fresco Taco and Mitch met us there. Till next Monday