Carroll's 55th Street


Core five together as one for the first time since July at a rebuilding Carroll's 55th.

It was the fist night the five of us played together as a band since July 12th. That is a long time. Way too long. We were in the bigger room at Carroll's on 55th Street since the smaller room was still under construction. The whole place is still under construction but slowly coming into shape. It's amazing how they are designing it to be the same as the old place. Nicely, the room had some baffling and treatments on the wall and the room sounded pretty good. I assume the recording will be all drums since I put the mics right above them behind all the other sound. I assume the drums sound great and everything else a bit behind them but in a great stereo field. I thought we played really well for most of the night and pulled off the songs well and had a nice mix. Piano was picked up really well and could be heard nicely through the mic. Same for the vocals. Speaking of which, there was Joey in all it's glory. Kevin pulled it off like the trooper that he is.