Smash Studios R


Larry birthday setlist with lots of normal songs to play

Back to a great song selection and freedom and fun of exploring the world of nothing but in and of itself. It was my birthday setlist and I appreciate everyone surviving my Lucky ol Son.  I really enjoyed that with the Jerry girl sounds in the background.  I felt like a true Luck ol Son.  The sound was tough last night as I tried to plug both my guitar amp modelling POD as well as Rich's keys in addition to the vocal mics into the PA system.   The thing almost blew up but I plugged into the lousy VOX amp within a few songs as the experiment was a failure.  We just couldn't get enough gain to get above everything else before feedback.  It's the way of our life.  Maybe we should try to move back to Studio A again.

I was real tired last night, yawning through a good deal of the jam.  This was 5 nights of music in a row for me starting with 2 "The Dead" shows on Friday and Saturday,followed by Terez at Tobacco Road on Sunday, followed by Carpetsteen on Monday and finally Deadstein on Tuesday.  Hopefully, next Monday all be all rested for the 7/7/03 jam after a long 4th of July weeked.  Expect Michael Carpetsteen in next week to sing with us.

I departed from the norm and had a #33 fajitas taco salad at Fresco Taco last night.  I saw Mitch eating it and on his suggestion went for the change.   Why eat out of polystyrene when we can eat out of fried taco shell?  Thanks to Mitch for the CD's, first 39 minutes from Tobacco Road and thanks to Coffee-Bro for the new bag of Grand Filtro coffee.  It's the type of stuff that keeps us alive and going.