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Michael Carpetsteen sings with MiniT without Mr. T.

font face="Arial">It was a night of jamming where we had no Trister but Michael Carpetsteen came in to sing some high harmonies above MiniT.   Little did he know that MiniT had to leave by about 8:30 or so which left Michael with the lion's share of song selection as well as song singing.  He selected out of the "B" section of his book.  Fortunately for Michael, I was getting electrocuted throughout the night and therefore I did not help in any of the singing.   I'm still buzzing from those shocks.

Besides Michael, Kathy was our only guest, taking pictures and hoping for a good China Cat.  I recorded for the night and lets see when I get to it.  I may just render the files and give it to Michael to mix.  We will see.  Nevertheless, we played alot had a good time and the rest is history.

I ate Fresco Taco last night and split a #33 taco fajitas salad and a C5.  In addition, I went for a couple of Gray Papayas hot dogs for the way home.