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My new strat and it didn't make a hill of beans cause we're still great.

Who can complain except for us all, but why?  These are not questions to contemplate on an empty stomach so I bid you a "ho-de-ho."  That's about all I can say. 

It's a shame because I'm teaching a course on "Communicating over the Internet" tomorrow at Rutgers so maybe I should show them my real communication's skills.  Anyway, I go into this discourse because I have no time for this but I just wanted to get the page up and say how wonderful everything was last night.

Terrible Catfish John without Andy who strolled in at the end of it.  Tan as ever.

It was the first night of my new 1979, "Locked and Loaded" Strat.

We play next Thursday

Donny H. was the only guest and pulled off another quality, yet controversial meal from the Memphis trio. I'll let Jonathan enunciate on this issue. Good thing someone liked calzone.  What no salad.  Good thing I drank one before the jam (spinach, broccoli and cucumber on the rocks).