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Hardcore Deadstein and not much more.

No Trister and no Brotman made for a hardcore Deadstein night.  I don't recall any guests either.

Larry B. really had it in for the Franklin's from the start and did have his heart behind it to play its requisite rhythm that takes an effort.  It was destined for failure from the start and it was artifically cut short.

El Paso was pretty good. Mellow and enjoyable.
A Cassidy that gets as jazzy as Deadstein gets.  It was pretty cool for all of us.

We ate at Delicioso Resturant (Memphis Trio) by they gave us a reconstituted Sicilian Pie with Sausage.  They took and old pie and pained some new sauce and cheese on it and tried to pass it over on us.  It didn't quite work.   They really had balls, good thing most people enjoyed dipping those rice and pea mixtures contained in a fried scrtoum in the big tin of maraara sauce.