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53rd and last week of Deadstein for 1998.

53rd and last Deadstein jam of the year.  It was probably the most turbulent year of Deadstein yet since its inception in 1990 but looking back at it, Deadstein, the institution, has survived and has continued to prove it is bigger and freakier than the sum of its parts.  Larry came into the jam wielding this thought and wanted to hug us all for it but because we were in the middle of eating a bad Bens meal he held back.

It marked the return of Rich and Andy but Dave and Freaky were no shows.  Overall, after playing 3 times in under 6 days it felt like I was beginning to live at WWI.  Not the worst thing.  Because of the early eats we got playing by around 8:00 and barely stopped.  It enabled us to play lots of music.  That was good because my first four or five songs I had a lot of trouble getting into a groove and sound.  By the Might as Well I was Zenning away on the crest of a wave but thank God you can't tell.

After a short break where Andy played drums to Rich and I playing Catfish John, Eyes of the Maker and Love in Vain we started the second set.  I decided to play drums for the whole thing and had a blast as usual.  I really felt like I found a groove with Scott that I could count on if was was to ever loose it.   I even entered a little Zen zone during it.

Minglewood Blues was exceptionally good.  Powerful and strong.