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Eat first play later. At least the salads get marinated.

Another great week of well coordinated Deadstein.  In unprecedented fashion, Deadstein implemented an idea and actually had food delivered at 7:00 for a pre-jam Deliciozo fest.  As big of an advocate as I was for that change I can't say it worked.  It has a lot of short comings and in the end we got maybe two more songs.  I do feel better at this point of the evening with less post-digested muck coming back up the old pipes.

Everyone was there and Andy brought the only guests to be seen.   He brought Randy who is the actual original connection that eventually got Andy to Deadstein.  She was his girlfriend who lived on the first floor of Indian when I lived above her on the third floor.  Well that was years ago, hours ago she discovered a great weakness in Deadstein which is a PA that requires a lot to break through the whirlwind of Freak.  By the end we could hear her sing but in any case it looked like she was having fun.  Caught up in the whirlwind of us all.  Andy brought  his brother Dan which was a lot of fun for Larry as they got involved in some deep dental implant discussion.  He also played drums, quite well may I add, (he's a Trister) for a few songs.  The last of the Trister guests was Jayson Hill who just made sure he got a rice ball.  We all have our priorities.

There were some good moments.  The Cassidy was long, jazzy and spacey.  I had some de-ja vous of first meeting Andy in Randy's Indian Quad room playing a Cassidy on heard bed and me being really impressed with his hammer-ons and pull-offs.  Our transition into Good Lovin' was one of our best ever.

The weather was beautiful.  Absolutly perfect, inside and out.   There was some wind blowing from somewhere that startled me at one point.  See you all next Thursday.