William Weiss Interiors Studio


Full night, no list, GarBand, Dylan and sweet, kind pearly tunes. Good to be on the Mend.

It's kind of surprising, but when you look at it, we played quite a few songs considering all that was going on.  For the first time in a while we had unknown guests, specials guests and a whole lotta freak.  Rich brought the firsts guests I recall him bringing.  I forget their names but one was a pomegranate.  Of course patrick was there, Freak boy was back from Colorado and hooped up a storm by the end of the night, pulling Larry's cord out at one point.   Andy brought a music chick Liz there who played the best tambourine I have heard down there.  Lest not forget our fried MB who always loves our tunes.  He usually brings out the best in us and while I can't say that was necessarily tonight we will reep the rewards in the upcoming weeks.

We did the Brown-Eyed and Mr. Charlie while awaiting the arrival of Andy.  They were pretty good.  The prescribed set then started with the hot Stranger.  It was hot and ended with a nice ovation.  This place is getting hot, and it did with the Althea.   The lead vs. verses interplay was fairly crisp and dynamic.  The uncle and Mexicali moved nicely pretty cleanly.  Gotta love the southwestern stuff.  The Caribbean sea stuff with the Harder they come and the Love in the Afternoon were also apropos surrounding an quick and unevenful Beat it on down the line.

Tangled Up was pretty solid was a hot final jam.  Our first full Joey and it was well done.  We have to squeeze a lead into it somewhere.   We close with the Dylan theme with the Watchtower which was normal and not in the style Dave wanted.  What are you going to do.


I started the second set with the drums on the Scarlet and Dave rescued me during the plaing transition.  I think the second set died off a bit but who could expect too much more from us.  At least we kept going to the end and the wheel sustained us through 11.

Till next week's quite acoustic panic with lots of troubling songs, shaloom