Smash Studios R


No Trister but MiniT keeps forging ahead in the Morning Dew.

IT was a good Brynestein set where we got in lots of songs, a few news ones and a few that were good to keep refreshed.  We had no Andy so it was I on all the guitar for the night, which is both a blessing and curse, at least from my perspective.  It's fun to have the responsibility of doing all the guitar work and leads yet it could be so much more if Andy was there.  Nevertheless, I was there and glad to be there and it sounded pretty good. 

The PA sounded good, we played at lower than usual levels, Kevin was playing through a Marshall guitar amp for heaven's sake.  It was nice to hear MiniT so well for once.  It was good.  We got down the proper structure of Midnight Hour.  The Victim felt very good.

I had the Fresco Taco C5 before the jam and a good ride in. Mars is very close to the earth.