Caroll's 41st Street


Bayside Alan D. fill's in for a missing Andy T in Carroll's Studio 3(A). It almost rhymes.

Playing in Carroll's, Studio 3A, the small one, once again but this time without Trister .  Bayside Alan was cool enough o sit in for him and did a great job as usual filling in with some of the funk and cool vibe that are missed when we don't have a real lead guitarist playing with us.  Always a pleasure to play with him.

Carroll's was good to us.  They provided the good, new reissue Twins and they sounded perfect.  Rich had the upright PZMed and once we found our space and level, the thing sounded really good.  Maybe 2 PZMs and a volume pedal configured in some way is the ultimate answer.  The PA was okay I guess, not great sounding.  Kevin and Mitch had a good sound between them mixing nicely.  Kevin was thinking that he needs 3 amps, including a Roland, and more.

I got there late due to miserable traffic and they had started on the infamous E jam by the time I got there.  I put an end to that mischegos once I got there and put us on the road to Franklin's Tower.  A pretty good choice cause it worked for us at that time enabling us to get our sound together while just enjoying some nice easy music.

Due to traffic there was no food to speak of except for the bad KFC I found on my way in. Till next Tuesday, 6/15/04 at 7:00 pm in Carroll's.