Smash Studios R


Whole band in Studio R prepping for the MiniT at the Big T gig.

We had the whole band back in Studio R for paractice leading to the new October 9, 2003 Tobacco Road gig.  There were no guests in the room, but rumor had it that Dave Schwartz was rehearsing with August Weststein in a studio just down the hall. 

Kev has nice new artwork, as shown on the home page, and has also made up stickers to put on the old posters so we can continue to utilize them to promote the gig.  Mitch showed up on Monday night only to find out that we are jamming on Tueday night.  A rookie mistake.  He wasn't happy with the drum set at all and Andy wasn't happy with the Twin at least at the beginning but then learned to tweak it the best it can be tweaked.  Kev wasn't happy with the bass.  I thought the PA sounded better than usual though as I could hear MiniT pretty well.  Kev contacted Clay to see if he could he improve the situation and Coffee-Boy is on a hunt for a nicr replacement to Smash.  Something will work its way out.  MiniT took a nice tumble backwards during the Music Never Stopped tripping over her high heals.  We had arguments over the retarded ending of That's What Love Will Make You Do.  Andy wants to do it retarded but the rest of us do not want it to be retarded.

Till next Tuesday.  I had the Fresco Taco C8 with Kev and Mitch.