Smash Studios R


Studio R and our practice is showing some results in our play. But is it worth it?

The entire band was in Studio R once again for final preparations for the 10/9/03 Tobacco Road gig.  We had no guests in the room and there was a little grumbling about playing the same songs over again.  Nevertheless, playing all the songs over and over again proved to be worthwhile as we may have played better and tighter than we ever had before.  Some great performances in there.  Too bad with the late post I don't even remember any of the songs. Coffee-Boy, I'm sorry, Mr. Coffee is going to have to provide the run down on the songs.  Oh!!!  That is right.  I messed up last week and unplugged his MP3 player during it's finalization process.  No tape for anyone.  Which is really too bad because it was quite good.  Trister left at about 10 to go fishing.  MiniT was in Sneakers just to be safe.  Kev was on his game for the important stuff and it really made a nice difference.

Till next Monday.  I had the Fresco Taco 33, Taco Salad.  I realized it was a big mistake because you lose the beans and rice.