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Playing on 411 for your information.

After a week off so much has changed like we were in a time warp.  Scott riding a roller coaster and Larry is once again getting off the ride.  I read the Blair Jackson biography of Jerry while in Mexico and realize issues arise with all group the Dead as well as Deadstein.  It makes you realize how much of a Dead band we are.  

A couple of words we discussed from the dictionary:

  • Main Entry: ca?coph?o?ny
    : harsh or discordant sound : DISSONANCE 2; specifically : harshness in the sound of words or phrases

  • Main Entry: in?ter?ne?cine
    1 : marked by slaughter : DEADLY; especially : mutually destructive
    2 : of, relating to, or involving conflict within a group <bitter internecine feuds>

This is the 18th anniversary of my first Dead show which I saw on Easter Sunday at the Nassau Coliseum on 4/11/82.  The night after Jerry played solo at the Capitol Theater.  This night was talked about in the Blair Jackson book as one that disturbed Jerry quite a bit.  He felt very inadequate about it and never played solo again.