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Tommy Snapple makes his official Deadstein debut.

The was no Brotman but Tommy Snappy, Wappa, Banjo was there to sing many of the songs.  He did a real nice job.  Ya gotta give him credit.  I probably forgot a song or two.  It's been quiet on the Deadstein.com recently so talk it up.  It was a hot night, I had my new midi ready Strat guitar and Larry was nice enough to lend me his GR-30 so I had a ball.  It was really cool stuff to do.  And speaking of which I want to use it instead of writing this stupid thing so ta-ta.

By the way, mets swept a double header against the Rockies and are two games behind Atlanta.  They are hot!   Today was the first non-humid day in weeks.  It was great to see the sun!