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Dennis and Michael for President, That is a Race.

Election Day 2000 and it's too close to call between Bush and Gore.  Wait, this was the start of last week's post and it's the start of this week's post.  One week after the election Bush is ahead by 300 votes in Florida for the race.  The Gore campaign is still trying to find some way to wrangle this election away. Hopefully by next week we'll know who will be President.  I vote for Dennis.

Speaking of which, the Kid made the trip down from North Hampton to grace us with his Dennisisms.  It was great to see and play with him.  As I said his Watchtowers are legendary and this one was up to snuff.  In addition, we had our good friend Michael show with his accompanying entourage.  Finally, we had my Carpetsteen guys, Michael, Ron and Bill show and enjoy all the music we could throw at them all.

There was dancing and excitement in the air as Deadstein played a 21 song one set night without a break.  An impressive showing for a bunch of codgers.

Andy had his amp back from Norwine and it was kicking.  Kevin borrowed my JoeMeek VC3Q for added compression and mequalization.  He seemed to like it.  It's amazing there is still plaster on the ceiling.  We played long, hard and loud.  We probably set some decibel records for Deadstein, which is a tough record.  Tommy Snappa was really getting into some of those Blues songs, just like a Pigpen.  He had the Lovelight and Schoolgirl right there.

It was rainy on the way in and cold and crisp on the way home.  Patric Ewing made his Sonics debut against his former team the Knicks and they blew away the Knicks.