William Weiss Interiors Studio


The bleak looking end of the set is pre-empted by some better songs.

Election Day 2000 is now over and it appears that we have a winner and a sore loser, or should I say a "Gore" loser?.  Hopefully it's the last time I mention this issue on the Deadstein web page until 2004 when I will hopefully not be saying, "I can't believe Madame Hillary won."

There is way too much political wrangling here.  We had the whole band there and a few guests including David, Amy and Abby.  They seemed to really get into us.  No one was missing, not even Johnny who wasn't there.  We had a minor Deliciozo meal early on which was just enough to be unsatisfying.  At least the music was satisfying as we played many meaningful songs.  

While the Dark Hollow may have been meaningless, it was pretty hot in a non-smoking way.  El Paso was also pretty darn good and tight.  Larry had a hot lead during the To Lay Me Down as He and Tommy sounded sweet together.  Tommy had a  real assertive ending of the CC Rider which will go down in Deadstein infamy, if anyone remembers it.

Too tired to complete much more, feeling a bit under the weather which was pretty nice today.  I just sneezed about 6 times in a row and my eyes are drowning in their own tears.