SIR Studios, 25th Street


The new nomadic era begins at the overly nice SIR studios.

Well it was the first jam without a home and we did it at SIR Studios on 25th Street.  It was an excellent studio, way too expensive but the place was great.  It sounded great, it was cool and convenient and we got a good sounding soundboard out of it.  Short of all of this, it was great to play with Deadstein again!.  It's the first step that is the toughest and we'll only get better at walking.  Maybe Kevin could hook us up with a weekly gig at Makor where you you'll be able to  Daven to Deadstein all night long.

Only Andy wasn't there and Johnny was there.  Kevin had a furniture guest who seemed to dig us.  I was having real de-je-vous seeing Hey Tom Banjo behind the bongos at SIR, that where I first met him at the Davefest.  It was a full night of high quality, high energy music.

We met at the Diner on 22nd and 10th before the jam for a wide variety of food.  I had the meatloaf with broccoli rabe and mashed potatoes.  Not too bad although I was burping it up all night long.  Good news on the Jersey commuter front in that the Dunkin Donuts is now open just outside the Holland Tunnel on the way home.  This is good in that you get same night postings from me.