Vinny's Rehearsal Studio


Vinny's without Kev and Trister as Dave plays bass and Scott by himself on the drums.

Kevin was on vacation so Dave got to experience his wet dream of playing bass for us while Scott was anxious to get back on the throne after missing a week of Deadstein.  Trister didn't make it after chasing Lance on skis all day while battling the great blizzard of 2001 that never materialized to its full potential.

There wasn't a guest to be found anywhere and it was just us reaming and surviving Deadstein members to hold up the fort.  Out number one groupie was also there. I certainly didn't play well and or hear well, oh well, but others seemed to enjoy the goings on so isn't that all that counts.  I was having wiring problems all night to my chagrin and I had a bad case of gas from the Tortilla Flats before the jam that left wherever I was standing a biohazard zone.  I apologize for my Tortilla Flatulence. 

Scott had a nice little drum solo between the That's It for the Other One and Cryptical.  We need more drums space in the band, instead of breaks.

Driving home it was a bit snowy but considering this was to be the blizzard of the decade, it was nothing.  Larry and I went to wetlands afterwards to check out some bands, that were pretty good and enjoyable.  I wish I wasn't working the next day and could hang out longer.  There are a lot of freaks in that place.