Caroll's 41st Street


Caroll's, below the Port Authority gets it's first whiff of Deadstein with a liquid lightshow.

It was the first week with everyone from Deadstein in quite some time.  Even our favorite groupie was there.  In addition, we had our first freaky Deadstein lightshow featuring the aqua-flow of Phoenix.  It was a slurpie light show with many colors and movements.  You cannot complain about that stuff.  Finally there was some guy there watching us the whole time.  Does anyone know who that was?

This was our first week at Caroll's Music Rental on 41st between 8th and 9th, pretty much under the Port Authority.  I liked the room, it was simple, Spartan, yet comfortable.  The location sucks but everything seemed to work.  The only exception was Rich Brotman's Baby Grand Piano which was tough to hear over the Din of the Stein.  Nevertheless, we rocked strong and long.  "That's what she said."  Estimated was solid whereas the end of Stranger was not.  Most of the music worked well for the whole night.  The lights are where it is at and we made it home to survive another week.  I hope Andy made his train.

We found some footage of the liquid light show by Phoenix on Scott's Camcorder tapes in 2014 and posted the dark videos of the music onto Youtube in an effort to remember and commemorate the freakiness of the evening.

With that stated, "Freak Out" and let the freaky light show begin.