Caroll's 41st Street


The future post, now in the past, but at least it got done.

It was pretty good night for a typical night a Carroll's.  It runs hot and cold in that room.   Kevin spills coffee and we had Donuts.  Doh!, Sprinkles.  Michael of Carpetsteen was the only guest as the so called Ziggy never made it.  One thing that did make it was the entire band for the whole night.  That doesn't happen often.  The room sounded a little better than usual.  After fixing Riches Mic chord the PA seemed to kick.  The guy with a half eaten ear put what is remaining of that flap from his temple and put it to a monitor and figured out Riches problem.  After that the PA and the singing sounded good.  Banjo was in raucous fashion especially during the Black Throated Wind.  

Several good moments including a cooking Playing jam and a hot Stranger.  Even the Back into Playing turning into a fun extended jam.

Gots-to-Go - Till next Tuesday.