Caroll's 41st Street


A less reverberating night on the 3rd floor of Carroll's

Orr only guest for the night was Tefillin ken who played with us for the first several songs while we waited for Larry to show.  The only one missing was Andy Trister and Poor Tom Banjo broke his proverbial high "G" string and left for the 9:20 without a voice.  And this time it probably wasn't Deadstein's fault for causing it because we played relatively soft.  He had nothing left by the El Paso and was shut down for the rest of the night.

Regardless of the Tom Banjo situation, Larry being late, Dave being Dizzy, Andy not being there, Rich not falling on his face, but thanks for asking, Scott losing his eyesight and all the rest we played pretty well and there were some enjoyable moments.  The jam started late as we waited for the room to be re-assembled from Elvis Costello setup.  We played on the 3rd floor where the floor is wood and the walls are soft and the sound is less harsh.  It's a much better room.  Ken started the night sounding good and Larry finished it with energy to spare.

Mets are as bad as ever and till next Monday.