Pseudo Space


A hot sticky night at PSEUDO without elevators is tough.

Live From PSEUDOIt was a hot, sticky weird night at PSEUDO filled with surprises.  We got everything reassembled and ready for the webcast by 8:00, right on time.  It started weird because the elevator was out.  That meant ascending six long flights with gear in the heat.  It was not easy.  Those are big long flights.  The first floor go up the building's width, the size of one city block. 

Larry was the big surprise to us all.  After announcing he won't be there, who do I see behind me after the third song. Larry exploding with his stuff and ousting Dave from the terrible sounding amp and Larry didn't do much better with it.  That amp is a beast that needs to be tamed and treated with respect or else it will bite and haunt you into making you sound bad.  I've got to sell that thing.  I don't want to hear it again.

There were a few guests in the room that came with Tom as well as Scott.  Johnny was all over the place.  Actually he wasn't all over, he was just in the places where he was in the way.


Looking forward the Banjofest on Saturday.  I hope the load out and in all works well.  Thanks to all who listened live. 

Equipment Listing

  • Larry B. - Blonde Strat, Boss Pedal Board, Shure 58 Mic, Larry G's Late 70's Twin Head.
  • Andy T. - Telecaster, 65 Twin, Boss Pedals, Digitech multi-effect modeler, unplugged early I think, Mutron III
  • Larry G - '96 Roland Ready Strat Line 6 Delay, Jekyl and Hyde, MXL Bad Dynamic Mic. microphone, Larry Brent's early 70's Twin
  • Tommy Banjo - SM87 Beta microphone.
  • Kevin - Modulus Bas, Yamaha Amp and Treble Amp.
  • Rich - Roland VK7 keyboard, Kurzweil Micro-piano, Peavey Amp Head and Danny D'Angio Custom Speaker Cabinet (1979).   SM58 Mic.
  • Dave - Played some no name guitar into my bad amp, otherwise he played only small amounts of drums
  • Scott - Half Carpetsteen, half childhood drum set.  SM58 mic.
  • PA - Deadstein Yorkville PA and Soundcraft mixer.
  • Recording - Mics into Peter's Mackie Board --> Peters Sony DAT.  Everything miced and PZMs between drums and in front of bass.