Banjofest, Long Island


Tommy Banjofest on Long Island.

Its was a beautiful Saturday out on the Island for the Tommy Banjofest. It was here that Deadstein rocked for a select audience of freaky families, poolside to boot.  It was a fun day that flowed easily and comfortably.  Deadstein was able to sound good in the conditions.  The outdoors in the shade on a perfect day in mid-summer.  Who could ask for anything more?

The whole band was there but Larry bolted in the middle of the second set to make the ride to catch Phil and friends in Camden.  Somehow, he was able to squeeze this party in the middle of an extensive Phil tour.  After Larry left, Tom Banjo's brother-in-law Grateful Ted sat in for the rest of the night with Larry's equipment which he left in tack for him.

It was three sets with long breaks in between surrounded by food drinks and swimming.  The load out was pretty good and easy.  Almost everything got back but Dave's drums, Larry's Amp and some guitar, music and mic stands still remains at the Banjo abode.  I got the entire PA and Larry's guitar. pedals and bag.

The music was impressively good.  It felt good to allow the sound to  seek freedom past the confines of 4 walls, ceilings and floors.  The PA system was inadequate as usual and presented a pretty muffled sound.  Besides that the sound was really good.  The tape sounds good. 

We started at 2:00 played till 7:30 and I got home by 10:30 not a bad day.  Gotta thank the Banjo-Poise-Snappa family for such a nice day and time.

Till we meet again next Thursday for night at PSEUDO.  Let's pray for elevators.

Equipment Listing

  • Larry B. - Blonde Strat, Boss Pedal Board, Shure 58 Mic, His Twin Reverb.
  • Andy T. - 79 Stratocaster Hardtail, 65 Twin, Boss Pedals, Digitech multi-effect modeler, Mutron III
  • Larry G - '96 Roland Ready Strat Line 6 Delay, Jekyl and Hyde, AKG D790 Mic. microphone, 66'  Twin Reverb.
  • Tommy Banjo - SM87 Beta microphone.
  • Kevin - Modulus Bass, Yamaha Amp and Treble Amp.
  • Rich - Roland VK7 keyboard, Kurzweil Micro-piano, Peavey Amp Head and Danny D'Angilo Custom Speaker Cabinet (1979).   SM58 Mic.
  • Dave - Drums, SM58 Mic.
  • Scott - His drums set.  SM58 mic.
  • PA - Deadstein Yorkville PA and Soundcraft mixer. Yamaha 31 Band EQ
  • Recording - Nak 700 Omnis in front of band into SONY D3 --> DAT.