Pseudo Space


Trister birthday show is a move back into PSEUDO that's a little haunting. Jerry!!!

As usual, it was I was a hot, sticky weird night at PSEUDO filled with uncertainty and surprises.  At least the elevator worked and in the middle of one of the worst heat waves ever, the back room where we play once we got there was almost acceptable cool, even though it came at a sonic price of squealing like a pig.  It was our first night back at PSEUDO after the Banjofest. Rich met Tom, Kevin and I at the corner and we all managed to load our stuff into the stuffy elevator and got it back to the back room.  The problem was that Scott was jamming with some other people at some bar and Dave was still working his way back to Huntington to pick up his drums from the Banjocrib.  Dave didn't arrive until 8:45, 15 minutes early so we didn't have much to do until then. It made for a tension filled evening but once Dave got settled in we made some good, worthwhile music.  Though Dave had to battle the broken Snare Drum Holder all night long.  The inside-outward tension technique was quite impressive. There were problems galore but it worked out.  Larry's amp virtually died and my amp never came to life.  I didn't let it upset me and managed to go on, but playing a 35 watt lousy Brownsville combo amp with Deadstein is like jerking off your big toe.   It just ain't gonna spurt anything useful. Peter invited a guy name Al, or Big Al as he referred to himself as to play harmonica with us.  Although it looked like he should have been inventing Cherry Garcia iced cream instead playing harp he played and jammed and added something.  I liked the lead during the Devil.  He had a big box of harmonica's and a special mic but in the end he seemed more interested, or mesmerized, by Andy's hands than his own sound.  Who could blame'em? The Deadstein sound is a tough nut to crack through.  Besides Big Al, Tefillin Ken was the only other guest but he was only there for a little while. It was the Trister birthday show.  He got a Hey Pocky Way as good as he get out of Deadstein.  Structurally, pretty tight.   In the end, a weird disappointing night that seemed to knock Deadstein back a few steps.  The PSEUDO thing shows its cracks and gives all impressions of breaking down.  Except for the room where we jam, the rest of it had the look and feel of the Roman Coliseum with all its surrounding ruins.  It under construction and what does that mean.  There are rumors of The Wetlands moving there.  I hope they get a Wetlands Permit. Equipment is still and issue as both Larry's amps are currently Dead and not grateful and the drum issue is still ugly.  Nevertheless, five people listened throughout the whole night on Real Audio (without promo) and when we played it was good.  That Playing Uncle Johns was great and except for Dave's colossus misadventure, the move back was pretty easy.  To be able to pull up to that place like that is pretty nice.  There is nothing worse than that long elevator ride with 4 other hot sweaty bodies.  That alone can give you nightmares. The Deadstein Story and where it goes is still a story with out an ending. so stay tuned. Listing
  • Larry B. - Blonde Strat, Boss Pedal Board, Sennheiser 834 Mic, Silver Face Twin Reverb.
  • Andy T. - 79 Hardtail Strat, 65 Twin, Boss Pedals, Digitech multi-effect modeler, SM58 Mic 
  • Larry G - '96 Roland Ready Strat Line 6 Delay, Jekyl and Hyde, AKG D790 Mic. microphone, Phil Kaplan's  Brownsville Combo Amp
  • Tommy Banjo - SM87 Beta microphone.
  • Kevin - Modulus Bass, Yamaha Amp and Treble Amp.
  • Rich - Roland VK7 keyboard, Kurzweil Micro-piano, Peavey Amp Head and Danny D'Angio Custom Speaker Cabinet (1979).   SM58 Mic.
  • Dave - Part his part Carpetsteen drums set.
  • Scott - Out
  • PA - Deadstein Yorkville PA and Soundcraft mixer.
  • Recording - Mics into Peter's Mackie Board --> Peters Sony DAT.  Everything miced and PZMs between drums and in front of bass.