Caroll's 41st Street


Back at Carolls with Michael Carpetsteen who plays a first set for a late Kevin.

Back at Caroll's for a pretty nice night of music.  The big news of the night was the surprising announcement that there will be a new little Johnny Freakbaby in the word sometime around May 2002.  Stay tuned and we'll keep you posted on the amazing event.  Congratulations to our number one groupie.

Kevin and Larry were late, arriving at 8:30 which left just me, Tommy Banjo, Rich, Dave and Michael Carpetsteen to play the first set, which I happened to love doing.  It was fun and enjoyable and people were calling for Michael to turn up the bass.  A rallying cry rarely heard at Deadstein.

Except for the self defeating prophecy of a Shakedown Street, the rest was pretty darn hot.  The Dark Star went places including into Truckin'

Till next week, I guess well figure out what is what by then, but Tuesday is approaching.