Smash Studios A


Terez and Classic Deadstein format in Studio A.

Deadstein getting into the flow of the one-two punch of Terezstein followed by a set a classic Deadstein and it was good and powerful.  There we no guests in the room so it was just to concentrate on playing the best we could.  

We are now doing big songs with Terez like the Help slip stuff and with the backing of Coffee-Boy, we seem to be pulling it off as well as ever.  Kev was selecting songs for the first set and we were tight from note #1.  The Passenger was smoking and the Crazy finger had the real nice relaxed reggae beat that you only read about. I'm sure we played an additional song or two but this was all I could remember.

Kev, Coffee-Boy and I met at the Fresco Taco before the jam.  I had a C5.  Till next Monday when we are back in a different studio other than A and without Trister.