Caroll's 41st Street


An 11-year anniversary celebration at Carolls.

It was the 11 year anniversary of Deadsteins first Jam, a long time ago on Perry Street.   How far we have come to go nowhere in these 11 terrific years.  The more things change, the more they stay the same.  Who would think I would be jamming with my old college roomates from Hudson Street in the 21st century?  Who would think the Twin Towers would have disappeared just 30 days ago?

Some how we go one and Deadstein forges ahead week in and week out and never looking back.   Except for Rick Brotpen, the whole band was there.  Bill Sloan set up a bunch of percussive stuff and Michael Carpetsteen was there on some vocals.  Tefillin Ken was there to hear us setup and left.  Short of all of this, there we no other guests for our night at Carolls on the third floor.

Dave broke out the gong and I'm getting better at the setting up the 8-track taping situation.  I was setup and rolling by 7:45 and we got a full night of jamming in without too much interference from the taping hell that I go through.  You guys better appreciate tapes.  Unfortunately, I'm just listening to some of the tape and the China Cat Rider is messed up, I pressed a wrong button, or more susinctly, I didn't press the right one to have my and Andy amps miced.  Oh well, the rest seems to work.  I also have very little Scott bass drum.  Oh' well.  Kevin's bass is not as good coming direct either.  I can't forget headphones ever again.  Oh well.  Vocals sound good.  Oh well.

Till next whenever we figure out when we are playing.  I know we won't be a full band.   God Bless America and God Bless the Freak that is Deadstein.