Caroll's 41st Street


Chuck Bariss and Gene-Gene the Dancin Machine are there for a Deadstein gong show.

It was a small night with no guests except Tefillin Ken who was there fore the beginning of the night and jammed a couple of songs while I was setting up the taping equipment.  Short of that it was just the two drummers, Tom Banjo, Kev, Trister and I.  Hopefully we still get our great Caroll's service becuase Dave was complaining that his timpanny weren't taught enough and his gong wasn't polished enough.  Surprisingly, there was little traffic getting into the city.

The music was up and down for the night.  Scott was having trouble seeing, Kevin was having trouble hearing, Tom was having trouble not speaking and I was having trouble just standing still.  Nevertheless, we pulled off a pretty good Sailor Saint which is nice to get on tape and a few other gems.  Around and Around and Tom Thumb Blues were filled with flaws, maybe we should work on easier songs than those.  I thought our Wharf Rat was real good with a real good transition into the waltzing harmony part.

Till next Thursday.