Caroll's 41st Street


Election Night Deadstein

Is the world changing?  Yankees Lose big time!! Islanders winning like 10 of first 12. Pink Freak?  The second republican NYC Mayor in a row, Michael Bloomberg?. You can thank the Taliban for him.  How ironic. Does he play drums?  Maybe he could play in Deadstein.  Pinkstein.   There's something wrong about it, even if it was good. 

N.J. is back to Democrat.  As Adam Sandler inimated, atleast we'll get the hookers back in N.J. but in New York you'll still get to enjoy increasingly high quality of life, if you can survive it.  How ironic.

No Scott, no Tristers but the rest was there and played well and I got the good tape out of it.  Fewer people make it easier.  It sounds good.   Had a full night of music and things went well.  The temperature was even perfect.  We had Pedro whom Ray said he was Caroll's A-#1 sound guy and he set up the romm just like everyone else.  The place is great though, they get me the taping mic stands and wires.  That's a big help.  Ken Levine was there with a friend whose smattering of applause was well appreciated.   They stayed for the first few night.  Will we see Johnny again this year?

Nate Newton arrested with 213 pounds of pot.  They say he had intent to sell but he's a big guy with a big appetite so I don't know about his intnent to sell.  I'm sure he had an intent to smoke a fatty or two.  Say good bye to the Expos.  I'm looking forward to making the CDs of tonight.  I got good drums and piano and performance.

The Star Spangled Banner belwo was request by Andy.

Till next Tuesday.