Smash Studios A


Deadstein playing well in tough times.

Wow, a week after sadly saying good-bye to Dave's Dad, I'm sure there were plenty thoughts going through Dave's head as well as the rest us.  Feeling, praying and playing with him.   Deadstein doing what it does best and that sure ain't music. Dooh!!!! Actually, that may not be true as we played pretty well.  Rich wasn't there but the rest of us were as well as Michael Carpetsteen singing himself a lullaby in his own little world.  The Studio A at Smash is pretty nice and comfortable.   The PA was good, no shocks, but I didn't touch it all night and the amps sounded good.  I used a Twin Reverb (Reissue) for my guitar sounds and the Line 6 in JC-120 modelling mode for the midi-sounds.  The best dual use of amps I ever accomplished.   In the end I didn't play too many midi-sounds but they are fun to have at my disposal, especially when there are no keyboards. Fare the well,
Fare the well
I Love You more
Than words can tell
Listen to the river
Sing sweet songs
To rock my soul.
The Touch of Grey obtained banned status once again.   When will we learn? The Truckin was great, with a real nice smooth groove to it.   We also had some nice jamming stuff between all the transitions.  Lots of fun music making.  It was a nice Queen Jane, one that ended a set and therefore, had a real nice long D/G jam at the end.  As if we needed an excuse to extend a jam. Till next Thursday, I Think, at Smash Studios. EULOGIES FOR EDWARD SCHWARTZ

For Dad,
As we tried to gather our thoughts and compare notes as to not repeat each other it dawned on me ... why not repeat in praise all the good things about him. Here rests Ed Schwartz husband, father, grandfather, brother, uncle, friend. He is everything i aspire to be. He taught me to judge people not by sociological superficialities but by who they are inside. Always willing to lend a hand. He possessed an enormous amount of compassion which he freely gave to family and friends as well as having it pour over to his customers at the pharmacy, both monetarily and with time and patience, always willing to listen to their seemingly endless rants and raves borne of the frustration of being sick or having a sick loved one themselves as well as dealing with the road blocks in the healthcare system. He was able to look past the things most people get caught up in, in order to appreciate something for what it was....mets and Yankees. He was always glad to see a friendly face or hear a friendly voice on the phone of which many conversations often ended in a "right-o". He liked to plan things out and be prepared, and he was honest to a fault. He was the epitome of easy going. Quietly unassuming and strong in his convictions. Always willing to give love unconditionally, "Live and let live" as long as you didn't hurt anyone. Strong in opinion but never desiring to force his opinion on you. Leading by example and not by force, guilt or righteous indignation he let his actions speak for themselves, never needing to draw attention to himself in the process, as to say "anyone can just say what they will do ... i'm just going to do it". So as we stand here we say both in pain and in joyfulness in celebration of having had you for the time we did. here rests Ed Schwartz our husband, our father, our grandfather, our brother, our uncle, our friend; we love you forever.  Dave
My Dad
Everyone who knew my dad had the same good things to say about him. People always felt the need to remind me of how lucky I was to have such a great father. They would often ask me, do you know what a great man your father is? Even customers in the pharmacy would often feel the need to express to me their warm feelings about my dad. The truth is I did know how great he was and how lucky I was to have him. My dad enjoyed the simple things in life.  A bag of peanuts, some dry fruit or licorice, once in a while a cold beer, a remote control and a comfortable chair. Dad I'm sad that I will never again be able to tell you how much you mean to me and how much I love you, but I'm grateful that you already know it. My mom and dad were married in 1957. Their marriage was love, respect, honor, and dedication. Especially for the last 20 years they spent so much time together they really did not have much of a need to get away. Everyday they got up together and went to work together at the pharmacy. They ate breakfast lunch and dinner together. When they got home before going to bed together they did need some time apart. That's only because mom did not want to watch Bart Simpson and Battlebots and Dad did not want to watch the cooking show. He loved my mom so much. He promised that he would never leave her. An honorable man such as my dad could never break his word, mom he will always be with you. Dad had three grandchildren Jason, Danielle and Gabriella. He loved each one of them very much. I don't understand why you were taken from us so soon, but I'm grateful and honored to have had such an amazing, caring father. You have always been my good friend. Even today I consider myself very lucky and fortunate. I'm so sorry that you are no longer here. I take great comfort to know that a great man like you have shown yourself to be was rewarded by g-d and in the end you did not suffer. I'm sad that you will no longer be able to go to dinner with your friends on Friday nights. I know that your company and friendship will be missed. But, I know that in someway you will be happy that you don't have to eat at Pinocchio's anymore. Dad had a baby sister Marilyn who was married to my uncle Norman He loved both of you very much. He loved taking trips to Maryland to see all his nieces and nephews and eat some crabs. You know that he had a very special place in his heart for all of you and a special place in his stomach for the crabs, he loved them. Dad loved Dalia and Miguel as if they were his very own children. Both of them adopted my dad and treated him as if he was their father. He thought the world of both of you and would have done anything for you. Dad I don't know how to go on without out you. You will always be in my heart, my daily thoughts and prayers. I love you.